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SmartCALL Predictive Dialer is an outbound/inbound telephone automated system that dial calls from a list of uploaded telephone numbers in sequence, screening unnecessary calls such as busy signals, no answer, answering machines and disconnected numbers while predicting at what point a human caller will be able to handle the next call. SmartcallCALL is a software-based Dialer solutions that help companies to avoid the use of expensive telephony boards and other associated hardware, which have high maintenance costs. SmartcallCALL Dialer is very easy to use, and therefore it is used more in following areas like telemarketing, payment collection, service follow-ups, surveys and appointment confirmation.

Outbound Call Center Suite is a flexible tool that allows contact centers to manage optimal outbound campaigns. Algorithms allow for maximum customer contacts in a minimal amount of time, while targeting precise campaign sales and service objectives. Outbound call center suit is effectively used for outbound calling process like telemarketing, collection, survey etc. to achieve maximum productivity of Agents.

Inbound CallCenter Suit- Automatic Control the distribution of your inbound calls to available agents and reduce processing times for higher customer satisfaction and quick response time. It also provides personalized routing scripts that can be modify at any time. It helps in Agent performance like first call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT) and time in queue.